About us

We are a team of 3d modelers. All contents at squir.com website was created in-hause by our studio.

SQUIR at work

Working with 3d graphics can be extremely difficult, it requires tremendous skill, effort and time.

Years of experience, creative talent and exceptional precision allow us to create the most realistic digital models available for a reasonable price.

We do custom jobs on demand, so if you need any model to be build, please send a request to tom@squir.com.

Provide short brief what is needed, what is your budget and deadline, and we will reply as soon possible.

We can make the all-new model or just modify one from our existing library to fit your needs. Price depend mostly from the working hours needed to build the model and also by overall work schedule. Usually we are loaded with jobs for several weeks ahead. So if you ask us for a rush, the price will be higher.

The model can be build without the blueprints, basing on photos only. But of course the blueprints or a scan will help us to make the model more accurate.

Our native software is 3dsmax 2015. The only plugins we use are the redering engines. At your request we can make the model render-ready in VRAY3 or Corona2 , but only for 3dsmax. If you need the model in different format, please let us know what software you use and we will let you know if it's possible to import it. Other formats are just conversions from 3dsmax, so they will include only basic materials setup like color and texture, without advanced shadders like reflections.

The models are sold under general Editorial license, The same like you'll have at other shops like CGtrader for example.

We know that reading a contract in legal language is everyone's nightmare. so in short:

If you wonder what you can do with the model and what you can not, simply imagine that you buy the model like a song on apple music or spotify.

Would you play the song, use it at any device, mix it, use at karaoke with friends, or even put it as a soundtrack at your family photo album?

- yes, and many more, whatever you can imagine.

But would you share it online, play in a commercial karaoke club, or use it as a soundtrack in a game?

- No, becuase that would need a special licensing agreement.

3d models are no different than other digital product you buy online. So please respect the general rules and remember that PIRACY IS A CRIME.

You are not allowed to:

  • 1. Sell, resell, and distribute the models in any form / media.
  • 2. Provide any free download of the models at any website or throgh any app.
  • 3. Modify the models and sell or distribute the modified models in any form and any media.

Of course we can discuss a custom copyright agreement if you need to use the models in a commercial project. You pay - You're the boss!

The exclusive owner of all contents contained on this site is Squir Team / 3d Studio Tomasz Rozkosz

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