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About us

We are a team of computer graphics artists. We own this site and all of its contents. As you may have already seen, we work mostly with graphic designs for cars, that's because we love them!. But we can also make high quality 3D digital models for Cars, Bikes, Aircraft, Ships, Army vehicles, Architecture, etc.

Our work is not limited to models - we can do rendering, photo-editing and even simple animations..

SQUIR at work

Working with 3d graphics can be extremely difficult, it requires tremendous skill, effort and time. Our years of experience, creative talent and exceptional precision are what allow us to create the most realistic digital models available for a very reasonable price.

If you decide to give us a custom job, please write a request mail to Provide clear information about exactly the model type, year and equipment version of the car that you want to have. Don't forget to tell us how many polygons the finished model should have and what file format you require.

We can make a completely new model for you or just modify one from my existing models to fit your needs. Prices depend on the time it takes to perform the work and also my overall work schedule. We are usually hired several weeks ahead of the required date for the model. So by taking an additional job, We need to work more hours per day to finish all of our orders (12 or more hours). Please understand that if you have a RUSH job when we are already busy, the price would need to be higher.

The model could be made without using any blueprints, just from a few photos. Of course, in order to receive the highest quality job in the shortest amount of time, blueprints would be a huge help to us!

We make all models using 3dsmax6 without any additional plugins . At your request, we can make standard or raytrace materials. If you want to get the model in another format, please let us know what software you use and we will tell you if it's available. Other formats are just conversions from 3ds, but the software is also able to generate formats that include: lightwave, poser, bryce, autocad, softimage and maya. However, we are not able to save the file in maya format (in this case you need to use *.obj file import).

We give you a guarantee of full satisfaction. No one else will make models of this quality for such a good price and is such a short time! :)

You may use our models:

  • 1. For personal or commercial use.
  • 2. For advertising or promotional use.
  • 3. For website or in any electronic devices.
  • 4. In broadcast, multimedia or animation.
  • 5. In books or magazines.

but we will not permit you to:

  • 1. Sell, resell, and distribute the models in any form / media.
  • 2. Provide any free download of the models in any web site or electronic devices.
  • 3. Modify the models and sell or distribute the modified ones in any form / media.

Of course we can made a copyright agreement in any form at your wish. You pay - You're the boss!

The exclusive owner of all contents contained on this site is Squir Team

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